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[XP] vs EPD
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Author:  iZerO! [ 24/06/2014, 3:56 ]
Post subject:  [XP] vs EPD

|Clan Name|: Xtreme-Players

|Clan Tag|: [XP]

|Clan Website|: http://www.xtreme-players.net

|Contact| : Skype (zero-mta)

Clan War Information:

|Type|: DM

|Format|: 5 vs 5

|Date|: 28-06-14 (We can discuss about that)

|Time|: 18:00 GMT +2

|Server|: EPD


Xtreme-Players Maps:

Xtreme-Players Reserve Maps:

Opponent Maps:

Opponent Reserve Maps:


Xtreme-Players Drivers:


Xtreme-Players Reserve Drivers:


Extreme Power Drifting Drivers:

Extreme Power Drifting Reserve Drivers:


-We will play a total of 20 rounds.
-Each map will be played twice.
-If a player times-out before the map starts then we will redo the map.
-If a player times-out during a map, then we will play further.
-The last player who is alive of one of the team wins.
-Insults = first warn, after doing it again = kick, and after doing it again = ban.
-Don't spray with hunter fights, if it happened in one of the team the other team will get a point.
-Breaking a rule will cause a losing point for that clan.
-Spectators are allowed.
-The reserve player only drive when a driver is timed out.
-If a player lags too much a reserve player must replace him.
-If there is a draw, we play the map again.
-In case of camping, a participant will be eliminated without the possibility of replacing him.
-In case of shortcutting, a participant will be eliminated without the possibility of replacing him.
-Maximum ping is 300.
-Minimum fps is 30.

Author:  Fenix981 [ 25/06/2014, 12:19 ]
Post subject:  Re: [XP] vs EPD

Hi Zero! the CW manager left from EPD and so i don't know what i can do..
btw i think we can't play this CW because we don't have players.. anyway i will talk with the leader Mr.RiKy and i'll let u know..
-i will contact u on skype

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